High Court Armed Forces Republic of Korea

The Act on the Execution of Criminal Penalties in the Armed Forces and the Treatment of Military Inmates provides how to execute criminal punishments to defendants. Those who were imposed of death penalty or imprisonment (with or without labor) that became final and conclusive sentence will be imprisoned at the Military Correctional Institution (military prison) an agency under direct command and control of the Ministry of National Defense, a joint organization managed by the military police of all three militaries (Army, Navy and Air Force) detaining all military prisoners.


The institution manages safety, security and administration of the institution according to the law. However, important policy decisions about prisoners (such as amending laws relating to prisoners), paroles, and matters related to National Assembly are supervised by the Legal Affairs Management Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense.


Criminal defendants arrested or detained and under investigation or pending trial are under pretrial confinement at military detention facilities, also known as the guardhouse, operated by each Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. These facilities are operated at a unit where the military police and the military prosecutors’ office are located.


The Military Correctional Institution and detention facilities are regularly inspected by military prosecutors and human rights officers who are judge advocates for monitor of any violation of human rights. The National Human Rights Commission also pays a close attention to these institutions and regularly monitors their activities.