High Court Armed Forces Republic of Korea

The High Military Court of Korea

Chief Judge BG

Republic of Korea Army

BG Lee,Dong-ho



Welcome to the High Court of the Armed Forces' website.


The High Court of the Armed Forces is the highest court within the military, and seeks to establish

military justice and uphold military discpline. 

In order to realize these objectives, the High Court of the Armed Forces will strive to

achieve the following objectives:


First, the Court will administer justices in accordance with the Consitution.


Second, The Court will strive for excellence.


Third, the Court will act with the utmost professionalism.


Currently, the public has asked for greater reform within the military justice system, and the armed

forces are in the process of undergoing "National Security Reform 2.0."  Because the policy for national

security reform includes military justice reform. the military courts also face great changes.


In these circumstances, the High Court of the Armed Forces will place its efforts in achieve the stated

three objectives, and seek to uphold justice for men and women in service through fair and speedy

trials, which are safeguarded in the Constitution.


Thank you.